David Hermes Mann

David Mann in Bedford New York

David Mann was born on January 16, 1919 to Clara Oscau and Joseph Mann and died on December 7, 2008 in Bronx New York. He had two daughters, Erica Mann and Leslie Aaron and two sons Chris Mann and Tim Mann. He was married with Bernice Rubin from around 1950 until around 1970. He was married with Carol Jameson from around 1971 or 1972 until around 1983.

He started his life homeless in New York probably to a prostitute mother, reuniting with his own father around the age of 18. He would up enroled in an English Masters degree program in Columbia University but never finished it before finding work as a journalist.

David worked as a reporter for the Brooklyn Eagle where he obtained the position during the depression by climbing the fire escape to meet the editor. David then worked at a newspaper in the Midwest (Saint Louis MI). He had to leave the midwest when his allergies got the better of him, ghostwriting his own letter of recommendation landing him a job at the Associated Press. David was the youngest general news desk editor at the AP at the age of 23, perhaps the youngest even today to have had that post. That probably was in 1942.

David had strong feelings about equity for humanity in general, associating with civil rights activists and progressives at the time. David had no religion for himself, but accepted everyone else’s religion, sometimes participating in services.

David’a creativity found its home in advertising. He found his first business with Art Brenner and others (perhaps Rudy Bass). He then found his own award-winning business David H. Mann Advertising. Clients included Thomasville Furniture, Kosta Boda Crystal, Pandicameron Carpets and other big names. David had taste and a heart. Dad the founded Retail Response Marketing and operated out of his home in Bedford Village, New York where he raised his two sons.

David’s lietmotiv was “giving.” Those close to him would say that they brought out the best of people.


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