Decennial Memorial Service by Phone on Fri. Dec. 7 2018 at 2PM(ET)

Dial-In number (Worldwide available) : +1 712-770-5159
Access code: 401854 #
France dial-in number : +33 7 55 51 17 90
Mexico Dial-In number : +52 899 274 8860
Spain Dial-in number : +34 872 50 31 53.
The proposition of holding a memorial service 10 years after my father’s passing is to allow space in memorial. We did honor my father with a burial, but no words were said aloud in service. I am very grateful for the Rabbi’s burial of my father in orthodox Jewish custom, but wish also to propose a space of memory, shared memory for my father. All who wish to share the burden of surviving David Hermes Mann are welcome to come.
I initially thought that the reason for not having words spoken at the funeral was because my brother chose to follow orthodox Jewish customs. My father always accepted the religions of those around him and participated in services from different religious traditions. The Jewish tradition calls for sitting shiva. I did not benefit from this. Maybe that is where the grieving could have come from. I learned later that dad had been controversial, and some of us weren’t ready to hear, much less say anything about him.
A good friend, Dr. Sviatlana Viarbitskaya has agreed to moderate the memorial service phone call. Sviatlan is a physicist and spiritually aware. I suggest to her that she invite those who wish to share memories to do so without calling on anyone in particular.
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