Words from Tim

Hello Friends and Loved Ones, My Dad was an amazing man in which I owe a great deal. He died yesterday. My Dad was an amazing story teller. He would craft stories to me about a green alien named Akim who, like batman, had no special powers but always saved

Words from Peter Vaeth

I loved your father dearly. He was a wonderful kind soul…believed in me and supported my dream.. The work that Carolin, Muts, Joy and David did was exceptional in every way as your father had the gift of love…as he truly lived his heart…and truly cared for us…and thus got

Welcome message from the Officiator of David H. Mann’s decennial memorial service

Dear all,   This Friday we are going to hold a telephone service dedicated to the memory of David H. Mann. At the request of my dear friend and one of David Mann’s sons, Chris Mann, I will assume the role of the service’s officiator. I am warmly inviting you to

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